Pre-test Lessons
for Learners

Pass the test

Increase your chances of passing your P’s test first time by booking our pre-test intensive lesson and hire car. With this package you will receive a lesson prior to the test in order to get you comfortable and prepared. Your instructor will run you through the area the test will take place and will let you know what to look out for in order to have the best chance of passing the test. We will pick you up and drop you off before and after the test, as well as provide you with our car to use for the test. This pre-test lesson is perfect for any learner driver, manual or automatic, wanting to have the best chances of passing the test.  

Our pre-test package


What's included

The pre-test package comes with all you will need to get you well on your way to passing the test. For a once off fee you can have:  

  • A car for the test 
  • A test date booked 
  • 1-hour intensive lesson prior to the test 
  • Pick-up and drop off before and after test.  

Select from the options below

Package 1

  • 1 X 1 Hour Pre-test Driving Lesson
  • 1 X Test Car Hire

Package 2

  • 1 X 1 Hour Pre-test Driving Lesson

Package 3

  • 1 X Test Car Hire only

Why use Driver Guide for your test

Modern cars

Each of our instructors have modern automatic and manual cars so you can learn in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. Each car is also serviced regularly.  

Safety first approach

Each car is fitted with the latest safety equipment so you can prepare for your test safely with your instructor. 

Head start on passing your test

Our pre-test lesson provides all the information an experienced learner driver needs to have a head start on passing their test.  

How you can get your P plates

Book a package

Contact us and we will set up your test, pre-test lesson and car hire for you. If you would like, you can have the same instructor conduct your pre-test lessonWe will also arrange pick up and drop off times to ensure you get to the test on time.  

Pre-test lesson

Your instructor will pick you up from your chosen address and take you out to the location you will be conducting the test. They will run through everything you will be tested on to make sure you are prepared. The lesson will take place in the testing suburb. 

Pass your test

Now all you need to do is run the test in the car you did the pre-test lesson in. Use all you have learnt with Driver Guide and you will do great! You will know the roads, know the rules, and all tips and tricks it takes to be a safe driver.