Parents &
Guardians FAQ

Common questions asked by parents and guardians

The most trusted instructor team.

No stress guaranteed

We know that to learn your best you need a calm, relaxed environment. So, we provide gentle and reassuring guidance to all our students.

Practical vehicle maintenance

We can teach you how to take care of your car. Whether it be changing tyres, checking oil, or topping up water, talk to us about our maintenance lessons.

Fast tracked learning

If you are a learner driver under 25 you can qualify for triple time with a driving instructor. If you book 10 lessons that will count as 30 hours!

Flexible lessons

We can come and collect you from home, work, school, or Uni, for a driving lesson. Then we can drop you off where you need to go at the end.

Male and female instructors

We have both male and female instructors ready to help you learn to drive safely. This means you can feel comfortable throughout your lessons.

Modern cars

Each of our instructors have clean, modern cars, with dual control. The cars are regularly serviced as well so you can be assured of their safety.