Practical guidance
for safe driving.

Equipping new drivers with the tools to
become confident and safe on our roads.

What driving course best suits you?

Manual Driving Lessons

Learn from experienced and certified driving instructors how to operate and maintain a manual car. While the number of manual drivers may be declining, they are still a must have for car lovers, or anyone looking to maximise their employment opportunitiesGet a stress-free driving lesson from a professional today. 

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic lessons are perfect for the majority of learner drivers. You will learn from an experienced and certified driving instructor in a modern, dual control automatic car. These lessons will be stress-free, no pressure, with a focus on learning how to drive safely. Get started on getting your automatic licence today.

Pre-Test Lesson

Stressed about the test? We can help you prepare for the test by running you through our pre-test training program. Here we will cover everything you could face on the driving test, while you drive through the area the test will take place. This gives you a feel for what to expect so you can feel confident during the test.

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Driving lessons on the Bayside.

Our driving instructors currently service all the Brisbane Bayside suburbs. Each lesson, a driving instructor will pick you up at the requested address, whether this is from home, work, school, or Uni. You will then have the lesson around your local area, near work, on the highway, or near the testing location depending on your experience level. We offer flexible drop off options, meaning we can end the lesson wherever you need to be next.

The most trusted instructor team.

No stress guaranteed

We know that to learn your best you need a calm, relaxed environment. So, we provide gentle and reassuring guidance to all our students.

Practical vehicle maintenance

We can teach you all you need to know in vehicle ownership, safety, responsibility, and vehicle maintenance with in-house learning and an online course included in some of our driving packages.

Fast tracked learning

If you are a learner driver under 25 you can qualify for triple time with a driving instructor. If you book 10 lessons that will count as 30 hours!

Flexible pickup/ dropoff

We can come and collect you from home, work, school, or Uni, for a driving lesson. Then we can drop you off where you need to go at the end.

Friendly instructors

We have friendly instructors ready to help you learn to drive safely. This means you can feel comfortable throughout your lessons.

Modern cars

Each of our instructors have clean, modern cars, with dual control. The cars are regularly serviced as well so you can be assured of their safety.

Positive learning
builds safer drivers.

The key to getting the most from your driving instructor, and learning how to drive safely, is by having a positive experience. Our only expectation is that you try your best, so our instructors can help you come out the other side as a safe driver who is confident on the road. We celebrate your successes in a calm, reassuring and stress-free learning environment.

You'll be on your way in 3 simple steps.

Find an instructor

Contact us and we will match you with one of our instructors in your area. You can choose whether you want to learn in a manual or automatic car, and whether you want a pre-test lesson.

Learn to drive safely

Your instructor will pick you up from your nominated pick up point and take you out for an hour. In this lesson you will learn good habits that will make you a safer and better driver. Safety is key so each lesson is in a dual control vehicle.

Pass your test

When you are ready, we can help you pass your test. Your instructor will take you out for a pre-test preparation lesson so you can learn the route and practice all that will be covered in the test. Now you will have all the tools to pass your test.